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HANCHOR creates lightest chalkbag

Sep 15th | Rutger

Weight is your enemy while climbing. The more weight you carry, the harder it is to go up. This is simply what gravity does to us, we have to live with it. HANCHOR knows this

The Asolo Drifter GV, a shoe for every situation

Aug 6th | Rutger

Whether you’re at a dance or hiking in the middle of nowhere, you need good shoes. Asolo now offers a very versatile boot which is useful in many situations, although you might want to skip

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Light My Fire 8-piece Mealkit 2.0 review

Jul 7th | Joe

Sometimes a bit of extra weight can gain you a lot of comfort. You could eat your meals directly out of the pot or you could bring a plate or a bowl and make the

Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz review

Jul 2nd | Ben

The Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz is your standard Klean Kanteen 100% stainless steel but with a wider mouth. It comes with 3 cap options and in other sizes.

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  • Congost de Montrebei by Bensventures
  • Et le soleil se couche... by El Boludo !
  • On your right civilization, on your left wilderness... by El Boludo !
  • Le Ferrouillet by El Boludo !
  • Mont-Blanc, Chamonix, France by Alps-Lights
  • Reine, îles Lofoten, Norvège by Alps-Lights
  • Ramberg, îles Lofoten, Norvège by Alps-Lights
  • Mont-Aiguille, France by Alps-Lights
  • Les Drus - Chamonix by Alps-Lights

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