Gear news

Japanese brand Teton Bros to launch in the US

Oct 7 | Ben

Experienced mountaineer Nori Suzuki started Teton Bros in 2007 to bring better quality mountain gear to Japan. His first product, the TB Jacket, was inspired by a trip he took to the US. Since then

Osprey’s new travel backpacks for fall 2015

Sep 30 | Vincent

When it comes to backpacks, Osprey is definitely a key player. The Californian Company is back with a range of new items for backpackers and outdoor adventurers alike. For seasoned travelers, the Ozone series is

Marmot fall/winter collection for 2015 and 2016

Sep 23 | Vincent

What’s new from the Californian brand? This year, a lot of new women’s jacket will appear on Marmot’s collections. Technical shell users might appreciate the new Speed Light Jacket, perfect for skiing thanks to its

Latest reviews

Arc’teryx Cerium LT review, lightweight and technical down jacket

Sep 9 | Marie

I bought the Cerium LT down hoody last winter and had the chance to use it in various conditions throughout winter and up to this June when the team went to Norway. I hate feeling cold, it makes me cranky. So in the shop I looked at the warmest down jackets they had.

Inov-8 Race Ultra 270 review

Apr 13 | Marie

Late January was announced the Race Ultra 270 from british gear manufacturer Inov-8. We had the chance to get a pair to review and after 2 months of testing here is what Marie thinks about the shoe.

Pillow talk: three self inflatable pillows tested

Mar 22 | Ben

Our three contenders are the Highlander Micro Pillow, the Gelert Trek Self Inflating pillow and the Vango Pillow. We took them to various camping trips, car camping and backpacking outings. We had some good nights and not many bad ones really.

Outdoor news

Climbing a 700-year-old giant tree

Jun 19 | Vincent

Meet Chris Sharma, a 34-year-old from California who took tree climbing to the next level. Renowned mountain climber (he set up a number of 5.15 climbing routes in the entire world, and climbed ropeless the

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  • Glacier de St-Sorlin by Alps-Lights
  • Bhaktapur by Alps-Lights
  • Startrail sur l'Ailefroide, massif des Ecrins by Alps-Lights
  •  by Santarelli Luca | Rabbia
  • Lac du Forlet, nightsky and moonstar by Alps-Lights
  • Lac du Forlet, nightshy by Alps-Lights
  • Massif des Vosges by Alps-Lights
  • Massif des Vosges by Alps-Lights
  • Massif des Vosges by Alps-Lights
  • Lac du Forlet by Alps-Lights
  • Manger du Kouglof by Alps-Lights
  • Chateau Girsberg by Alps-Lights
  • Village de Ribeauvillé by Alps-Lights
  • Château St-Ulrich by Alps-Lights
  • Château de Girsberg by Alps-Lights
  • Shadows by Alps-Lights
  • Château de Girsberg by Alps-Lights
  •  by Santarelli Luca | Rabbia
  •  by Santarelli Luca | Rabbia
  •  by Santarelli Luca | Rabbia

Editor’s pick

Electric longboards to ride your last mile in style

Jun 17 | Ben

There are plenty of ways to carry on shredding during the summer days, but if you are tired of pushing, this might be for you. We’re seeing some great innovation in electric ‘last-mile’ transportation, which doesn’t mean you can’t buy one of those just for the fun. Yes, electric longboards are getting serious.