Brunton adds two new Solaris to solar panel range


Manufacturer of camping gear Brunton have some new solar charging solutions for your small gadgets like phones, gps and mp3 players named Solaris.

Brunton’s Solaris solar panels come in 2W and 4W output and are made out of a new type of solar cell called CIGS. Those cells are particularly interesting for outdoor type of gadgets as they are very thin and lightweight, bendable, durable and work very well in low light conditions.

The given time for charging up a smartphone is 3 hours in full sunshine and power output is made through a USB port so you can plug in most of your other gadgets as well. The panel can be neatly folded and tucked away in a pocket or backpack which makes it very convenient.

The Solaris 2 weights 113.4g for a size of 23cm x 38cm and 178.5g and 23cm x 63.5cm for the Solaris 4. Prices are £135 and £175 respectively.

//Author: Marie

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