Patagonia’s Merino 1 Silkweights are back


In their newly released Spring-Summer 2012 collection, Patagonia have announced the resurrection of a once great line of merino products: the Merino 1 Silkweight.

Ideal for hot to warm conditions, the Silkweight range blends merino wool and recycled polyester into light weight tees and crew shirts. The 35% polyester added are said to improve the wicking capabilities, dry time and resistance of 100% merino wool. And because they are Patagonia, the polyester is 100% recycled and the merino 1 fabric is also bluesign ® certified.

Announced weight is around 120g, so slightly heavier than the original line (108g) but it is still pretty good and comes in nice colours. Prices are $60/$65 for the t-shirt and crew shirt respectively, available in men and women.

//Author: Marie

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