A new way to heat meals in the outdoors?

Could a Hawaii based design company just have revolutionised the way to heat meals in the outdoors?

Sino Spec have just announced a new category of food containers. At first glance they appear to be your typical insulated bento boxes, but there’s a difference!

The new “Hot Bento” boxes have a lithium ion battery, which can actually warm up your food ready for you to eat.

This is an interesting new concept for having hot food on the go.

A new way to heat meals in the outdoors?

The Status Quo of Hot Food on the Go

  1. >Wake up early to cook something hot before you set off.
    Problems: You have to wake up early. The food only being lukewarm when you come to eat it. The risk of food poisoning due to prolonged duration in the food bacteria risk zone!
  2. >Carry a camping stove, gas and cook set to heat your food in the outdoors.
    Problems: More gear to carry and a bigger heavier pack. Also more washing up!

The Hot Bento Concept

  • >Cook your food in advance – the night before or earlier
  • >Allow to cool and safely store in the fridge until you are ready to leave on your adventure.
  • >The insulated container keeps your food safely cool in your backpack.
  • >15 minutes before you want to eat, just press a button and the Hot Bento Box will have your meal piping hot

This certainly sounds an interesting possibility for a Winter’s day hike.

Could this work?

Obviously, the Hot Bento is never going to be a replacement for the camping stove and cookset, as it’s only good for one meal. Not much use if you’re going to be out on the trails for several days.

If it’s a day hike or over nighter though, and you’re only planning on one hot meal while you’re away, it could be a very interesting option.

The Hot Bento boxes will hit the market early in 2021.

It’s BPA free, promises to be tough enough to withstand a bit of rough and tumble and won’t leak over your merino wool undies.

It will heat your food to 60-70C in around 10-15 minutes.

heat meals in the outdoors
In the end, carrying the picnic basket throughout the entire Appalachian Trail paid off…