BUFF releases new “filter tube” to help fight Covid-19

Buff has just released a new range of “filter tubes“. These combine the filtration technology used in the “filter masks” they released back in July, with the traditional BUFF Tube.

The BUFF Filter Tube is essentially your classic Buff Multifunction tube scarf, but with a built in internal pocket made to hold a replaceable filter. The shape is slightly different to the normal BUFF tube, with a more fitted design, which I presume is intended to both create a better seal, and make to make sure that the filter stays over your mouth and nose.

The filters are produced in Germany to very high standards, and the pocket is treated with an antimicrobial made from recycled silver salt.

Certified filters provide 98% bacterial filtration efficiency meeting the performance requirements of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Breathability of the harmonized European standard EN 14683:2019 for surgical masks.

The BUFFs themselves are made from 95% recycled plastic bottles which is great news. Though face masks are hopefully reducing the impact of the virus, they are at the same time having a negative impact on the environment!

The downside is that the filters are disposable, intended for a maximum use of 24 hours. It’s unclear from the info whether that means you’re expected to change them everyday, or whether it’s cumulative. The former would not only be a lot of waste, but also pricy at 50 cents per filter. This is true of all disposable masks and filters of course.

I did briefly use my BUFFs as a temporary mask during the initial shortage. During August in Barcelona however, it was far too hot. Now Autumn and Winter are coming however, I think a BUFF tube could be a great option.