This collapsible hot tub can follow you wherever you go

Jumping into a hot and relaxing tub is an amazing feeling after a long day of exercise. It’s easy if you’re at home, as you just have to use your bathtub, but what if you’re camping or out in the wild? The people behind The Original Nomad have come up with a solution to that problem: the Collapsible Hot Tub.

The Original Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub is a lightweight portable tub that you can bring wherever you go. It doesn’t take much space (the complete setup fits into a 14x16x30 inch duffel bag), it weigths only around 50 lbs (with its coil), and it has a capacity of just under 400 liters. But is it solid enough? Apparently yes as the tub is made of sturdy vinyl, which allows it to be used on abrasive ground.


In order to have hot water, the Collapsible Tub has to be paired with a heater coil. You can actually buy one with the tub that works with propane or firewood. It’s constructed from stainless steel and uses thermosyphoning to circulate the water, so no water pump is needed. To get the water at a good temperature, you’ll have to be patient as it takes between 2 and 3.5 hours, depending on how hot it is outside.

The Collapsible Tub and Coil combo can be found here, and it costs $700.



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