Columbia release new Omni-Heat range

Columbia has released some great tech in its history, like Omni-Tech and Titanium but the new Omni-Heat looks like a big step forward.

The new range includes footwear and outdoor apparel with the Omni-Heat tech, said to be 20% warmer than normal clothing .

You’ll easily recognise Omni-Heat apparel from the silvery inner layer that reflects the heat while letting moisture escape, to keep you dry and warm.

“Omni-Heat’s distinctive reflective silver-dot lining is the most innovative warmth solution to hit the outdoor industry in decades and allows consumers to see the technology as well as feel it”

Omni-Heat was first tested by the Canadian Olympic Freestyle ski team earlier this year (who won a gold medal). Down to the new tech? Maybe not entirely but it is still good publicity for Columbia who has decided to start a massive advertising campaign.

We’ve spotted on the mini-flash site, built for the occasion, an awesome looking pair of boots that we NEED to try our feet at. No price or availability yet but man, don’t they look exciting? Self heating boots, the dream.

Omni-heat selfheating boots

Full press release here.