Cook and charge your phone at the same time with the PowerPot

Here is a nice little project on Kickstarter that will interest the backpackers out there. Paul and David, two guys enjoying camping, wanted to be able to power their gadgets while out in the wild. They came up with the PowerPot.

The PowerPot is essentially a cooking pot like many others but with the addition of a thermoelectric plate on the bottom. This thermoelectric base can produce electricity when submitted to a temperature difference. So when you put the PowerPot on a stove or a camp fire, and provided you fill it with water, it will start generating power.

The electricity produced can then be used to charge or power small electronic devices like phones, LED lamps and speakers. The power output scales with the size of the pot and the PowerPot comes in three different size: the PowerPot V (1.4L, 5W), the PowerPot X (1.9L, 10W)  and the PowerPot XV (3.8L, 15W).

The one the will interest us is the smaller version which is made from hard anodized aluminum, weights 340g (12oz) and comes with a lid. All the electronic components and the cords are fire resistant as well as waterproof and because there are no moving parts, the PowerPot should be able to follow you in the toughest treks without breaking down.

After years of development and testing the two friends are ready to put the project in production but they need our help for the initial cash investment. If you fancy yourself a new cooking pot that can charge your gadgets when you cook then head to Kickstarter and back them up.