Cotopaxi 100% Sustainable Material Pledge

Cotopaxi 100% Sustainable Material Pledge

Cotopaxi have just announced their new 100% Sustainable Material Pledge.

By 2022 they will make 100% of their product line with materials certified as either responsible, recycled, or repurposed.

The Utah based ethical outdoor brand is already a pioneer in its commitment to sustainability and philanthropy.

The company is B Corp Certified with it’s own Gear for Good foundation that supports a wide variety of projects.

This pledge is another step in their ambitious mission to help solve poverty in our lifetime.

Cotopaxi 100% Sustainable Material Pledge

Combating Climate Change is Helping the Poor

Cotopaxi’s focus has always been on combating poverty, and this will continue to be at the heart of their mission.

They recognise however, that climate change is a particular threat to people living below the poverty line. Climate change is likely to both have worse consequences for the poor, plus exacerbate poverty and inequality.

Rather than viewing sustainability as a separate goal, for Cotopaxi reducing their environmental impact is part of the primary mission.

Partners in Climate

Cotopaxi have partnered with Climate Neutral, a non-profit organisation that’s dedicated to helping corporations reduce their carbon footprint.

Climate Neutral will help guide Cotopaxi choose the most sustainable and carbon neutral materials for all of their ranges.

“Cotopaxi has always strived to design in ways that reduce waste and contribute to sustainable development. We’re thrilled to certify as Climate Neutral and advance our commitment to environmental and social practices that improve the lives of all those who touch and contribute to our brand. ”

Davis Smith, Cotopaxi’s CEO and co-founder

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Cotopaxi will also be offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint in 2021, and launching a re-sell and repair program.

Cotopaxi is partnering with outdoor retailer REI and Trove, a closed loop consumer resale platform, to help launch their “resell channel” and thus extend the life cycle of its products.

This program will allow Cotopaxi to extend the life of its clothing by giving customers the option to either resell their “gently used” items, or exchange them for a gift voucher.

For more information on Cotopaxi and their various projects, please visit You can also pick up some great quality sustainable outdoor gear while you’re there too!.

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