DJI Osmo action camera: handheld shake-free videos

Another day, another action camera. Except the DJI Osmo is very unique. It is the first action camera to feature a real mechanical stabilization system.

Most action cameras feature some sort of image stabilization, almost always done by cropping each frame to keep them look aligned with each other. But to get a smooth image the best technique has always been to not move in the first place. This is what drone maker DJI has done with the Osmo camera and from what we can see the in the promotional Youtube video, it works darn well.

The 3-axis gimbal makes sure the camera stays stable while you move around. The DJI Osmo shoots 4K at 30fps or 1920×1080 at up to 120 fps like the Hero 4 Black edition. The Osmo can be used stand alone or with a smartphone in the built-in stand. Connected via bluetooth and the app the phone becomes a remote controle for advanced options as well as a screen to see what you are recording.

The Osmo is probably no direct competitor of the real action cameras. It’s not waterproof nor shock resistant and it’s a lot bigger than the biggest GoPro. The quality of the footage will however lure some enthusiast video maker.

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