Element Pure launch new baselayer fabric on Kickstarter

It is good to see more and more options for environmentally friendly fabrics in the outdoor industry. New brand Element Pure developed Tencel for baselayers and it has now launched on Kickstarter.

Tencel is produced from a wood-derived fiber made from sustainably grown eucalyptus. Element Pure says it is as smooth as silk and 100% biodegradable. Like other natural fabrics such as Merino wool, Tencel is strongly antibacterial and should stay odor free longer than synthetic fabrics. They have also added some elastane for better fit and comfort.


Right now the fashion industry uses enormous amounts of water and generates huge amounts of textile waste, the vast majority of which goes straight into landfills. Many clothes are made from non-renewable fossil-fuel derived synthetics such as Polyester and Polyamide that will sit in landfills for more than 200 years. With climate change and water shortages worldwide, sustainable clothing will only continue to grow in importance.

said Michael Chen, co-founder of Element Pure

Customers have answered favourably already to the Kickstarter campaign. Element Pure has almost reached its goal of $15000, with 33 days more to go. If you feel like helping a new brand develop a new fabric with low ecological footprint, make a pledge now on their Kickstarter page.

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