Estream: a portable water power generator for your electronic devices

Are you looking for a device that will allow you to keep your electronic devices charged at all times when you’re outdoors? As long as you’re near or in moving water, this portable water power generator will be able to provide you with the electricity you need so your devices don’t run out of juice.

It’s hard to get electricity to stay connected outdoors. You might get lucky if you find a tree that hosts an electrical outlet in the middle of nowhere. But I don’t think that will ever happen (and I hope not). If you own some electrical devices and that you usually carry them around with you when you go camping, fishing, kayaking, or any other type of outdoor activity, then you should probably have a look at the Estream.


This portable water power generator converts any type of running water into stored energy. How does it work? It’s fairly simple: remove its cover, unfold the turbines and lock them, hook and release the Estream into running water and let it create electricity. Then you’ll just have to wait for the battery to be charged while you’re enjoying your activity, or resting next to a river or a lake. It takes around 4.5 hours to fully charge the 6,400mAh built-in battery of one Estream. The precious electricity that is stored within this power generator can charge every usb-connected mobile devices: up to three smartphones, GoPros and even tablet PCs. The team behind the power generator also claims that it charges the devices twice as fast as a regular outlet.

The Estream, when not charging devices, can also be used as a lantern — capable of going underwater —with four different modes. And as we’re talking about a portable generator, you’ll guess that it doesn’t take too much space. As you can see on the pictures, it’s quite small when folded and can be easily stored in a backpack. Oh, and it weighs only 800 g.

The Estream is available through a Kickstarter campaign at $ 180, and deliveries will start from January 2017.


Learn more about the Estream.

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