Garmin Edge 20 & Edge 25 : the smallest bike GPS in the world

Garmin just announced the release of Edge 20 & Edge 25, the 2 smallest bike GPS in the world. Both bike computers offer complete features despite their size. They will display and gather all kinds of data for cyclists : distance, speed, altitude and location. In terms of navigation, both can use GPS and GLONASS systems and download 25 offers more connectivity thanks to its Bluetooth support and ANT+ compatibility (so you can connect it with a heart rate sensor), and will give you the possibility to share your results on social networks. Pair it with a smartphone for live tracking (allowing you to share your trips in real time), smart notifications and wireless uploads (thanks to the Garmin utility software). Edge 20 doesn’t offer such complete connectivity features, but still allows you to communicate with the Garmin application with a Mac or PC.


Garmin bike computers are reliable even in rough conditions. Entirely waterproof (given that you won’t scuba dive with your bike), they can withhold crashes and run up to 8 hours on charge. Edge 20 & Edge 25 sure don’t offer the same features as bigger deluxe models, but their moderate price as well as their small size are certainly appealing. A must for those who think that, in terms of bicycle gear, size definitely matters.

Weight: 0.9oz (25 grams)

Dimensions: 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches (4 x 4 x 1,7 cm)

Price: 129.99$ (Edge 20), 169.99$ (Edge 25)

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