Get ready for the summer with the new SmartWool Micro 150 designs

SmartWool is offering new designs of its popular Micro 150 products. Specially designed for the summer, this new line of products will allow you to stay cool, no matter how hot the weather is.

Summer is around the corner, the Sun’s rays will soon hit us with their maximum power, and it will be time for you to adapt your gear accordingly. To prevent you from melting under your clothes during outdoor activities, SmartWool has released summer designs of its Micro 150 products : Ultra-Light, Light and Micro. Made from premium grade merino wool, they will not only keep you cool when it’s hot, but also warm when it’s cool. Cool, no? Therefore, you’ll be ready to face sudden weather changes.

Performance is one thing, but The American brand also cares about your comfort. The new Micro 150 is ergonomically cut to allow total freedom of movement, so you’ll be at ease during energetic activities.

Available for both genders, from XS to XL for women, and from S to XXL for men, the Micro 150 line of products offers a wide range of t-shirts and long sleeve shirts you can choose from:

For women: NTS Micro 150 Pattern Tee, Tank , Pattern Tank, NTS Micro 150 Tee, Pattern Tee, 150 crew long sleeve, Micro 150 Pattern crew long sleeve.

Women’s NTS Micro 150 Pattern Tee

For men: NTS Micro 150 Combo Tee, NTS Micro 150 crew (long sleeve), Pattern Crew L/S, Micro 150 Tee, Pattern Tee.

Men’s NTS Micro 150 Combo Tee

Here is a link to SmartWool’s official website if you’re ready to update your wardrobe.

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