Get spooky with the Saucony Speedskull Endorphin Shift

Trick or tread? We’ll go for tread please, in the form of the Saucony Speedskull Endorphin Shift! A spooky yet sporty release from the running shoe specialists just in time for Halloween 2020.

The Speedskull is a creepy limited edition of their Endorphin Shift running shoe.

Saucony Speedskull Endorphon Shift
Saucony Speedskull Endorphon Shift

The Endorphin range come in three variations – Pro, Speed and Shift. The Pro and the Speed, as their names suggest are intended for maximum speed in order to eek out new PBs. The Shift on the other hand is more geared towards everyday training, and has a more cushioning protective sole.

Not necessarily just for chilling out, the increased support and protection are intended to help you increase your mileage. So it would in theory be the Speed for speed work days, the Shift for distance, the Pro for race day, then the Speedskull for Halloween… Are all those different trainers really necessary, or is it just a trick to sell more trainers?

Personally I’m more of a minimalist shoe fan myself, so can’t say I’m sold on the squishy sole technology. I do this the design is ex-skull-ent though, to steal their ghoulish pun.

If I could have the Saucony Speedskull Endorphin Shift upper on a thinner flatter sole, I’d definitely wear this to go trick or treating. If we were actually allowed to visit people’s houses of course!