Haglöfs wins design award for sleeping bag

When you think you’ve seen it all in terms of down sleeping bags comes Haglöfs with a new concept that will interest the Ultra light crowd.

The L.I.M. DOWN (momentarily the lightest down sleeping bag on the market) won a design award from the prestigious Outdoor Industry Award in the category sleeping bags. The unique design was necessary to save weight; the 1.95m +1°C T sleeping bag only weighs 473 grams. In order to reduce some grams, this sleeping bag has no zipper. You just crawl in from the top. Besides that, the bottom is open. You can use a drawcord to close it, but when opened it lets in fresh air and, more conveniently, it lets you walk while you’re still in your warm sleeping bag.


The L.I.M. DOWN received the award at the OutDoor Friedrichshafen, the most important international trade show for outdoor products held July 10th until the 13th. The L.I.M Down will be available as part of Haglöfs’ Spring/Summer 2015 range. RRP still unknown.

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