Heated Sleeping Bag Liners by Ravean: never get cold again

After the success of their first Kickstarter, the Heated Down Jacket, Ravean is coming back strong and now offering the perfect accessory for your sleeping bag.

The Heated Sleeping Bag Liners by Ravean will not replace your current sleeping bag. They are electrically heated liners that will help you stay warm during those colder outings, and that can increase your current sleeping bag rating by 20 degrees. If you are happy with the sleeping bag you own, but are looking to get extra heat on those rare occasions when it is really cold outside, then those liners might be what you are looking for. The Bag Liners by Ravean are water resistant, wearable, packable, washable, can charge your phone, and come in two versions:

The first one, the Simple Heated has more or less the shape of a sleeping bag, and contains heating elements up around your core and your feet. You can close it up as tidy as you want, and it has a foot box at the bottom so your feet are nice and comfortable.

Heated Sleeping Bag Liner by Ravean

The second version, the most interesting in our opinion, is a wearable liner. You can wear it like your normal clothes, in your sleeping bag, and keep it until the day warms up. It has a unicuff design, a heated hood, hand pockets, and other pockets for your mobile devices and other items you want to keep secure. The Wearable Bag Liner has three temperature settings – high, medium, low – for each heating zone – feet and upper body – so you can control how the bag liner is heated.

Heated Sleeping Bag Liner by Ravean

Both liners have an adjustable height so you can feel as comfortable as possible when wearing them.

If you want to know more about the Kickstarter campaign and the bag liners, visit this link.