Hydrophobic down floats at WOR

Down is awesome – it’s warm and light – but it suffers from one major drawback: wet it’s all the opposite. Two brands have come out and shown at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market that it can be otherwise.

Down Decor and Sierra Designs, both present at OR, were showcasing what could be called water repellent down. After applying a special coating on the down feathers they become hydrophobic, keeping their warmth and loft, even after after being completely socked.

Sierra Design call it DriDown and are already offering it in some sleeping bags and jackets. Down Decor will be providing their DownTek to various top brands to include in their new products.

British brand Berghaus has the Men’s Mount Asgard Hybrid Jacket available that includes DownTek paired with Primaloft. Although it makes for an ugly jacket it has its benefits and should be exceptionally warm and light.

The big question of course is whether the treatment applied to the down will last or will it need refreshing like most DWR frabics do.