Inov-8 introduces new Trailroc range, from 6mm to zero drop

Well established shoe manufacturer Inov-8 are adding a new range to their already comprehensive trail running collection called Trailroc, with three different cushioning options.

With the Trailroc, Inov-8 wanted to suit every trail runner’s need by providing not only a zero drop option, like they already do with other shoes, but also 6mm and 3mm ones. So whether you are after a barefoot like experience or prefer more cushioning, you can still enjoy the great Inov-8 fit and quality.

The outsole is divided in three different areas with different types of cleats and rubber to optimise traction. Large cleats and resistant rubber in high wear areas, hard rubber and large cleats on the outer and smaller softer cleats on the inner arch and toes.

Edit: We’ve had the chance to try the Trairoc 245, check out the review: Inov-8 Trailroc 245 review

Trailroc™ 255 – Shoc-Zone™ 2 – 6mm differential

Trailroc 255 side

Trailroc 255 sole

Trailroc™ 245 – Shoc-Zone™ 1 – 3mm differential

Trailroc 245 side

Trailroc 245 sole

Trailroc™ 235 – Shoc-Zone™ ZERO – 0mm differential

Trailroc 235 side

Trailroc 235 sole


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