inov-8 is finally launching its graphene infused shoes

Back in December, when inov-8 first announced it, we were very curious about what was “the future of sports shoes”. And now finally we can pre-order the G-SERIES shoes, 3 models all with graphene-infused rubber soles.

The G-SERIES comprise of the MUDCLAW G 260 is for running over muddy mountains and obstacle courses, the TERRAULTRA G 260 for running long distances on hard-packed trails and the F-LITE G 290 for crossfitters working out in gyms. All three also come with Kevlar uppers, making them probably the most durable sports shoes out there.

Graphene allows them to create soles from very sticky rubber, great for traction and solve the durability problem by adding this incredibly thin and strong material. Testing models have allegedly lasted more than 1000 miles which is above and beyond anything rubber could do before.

inov-8 CEO Ian Bailey said:

This powerhouse forged in Northern England is going to take the world of sports footwear by storm. We’re combining science and innovation together with entrepreneurial speed and agility to go up against the major sports brands – and we’re going to win.

We’ve been fans of the brand years and it’s great to see a small player like inov-8 being at the front of sports innovation. Graphene will be a key growth driver for them in the future with 50% of the inov-8 footwear range graphene-enhanced by 2020.

G-SERIES shoes available to pre-order from June 22nd ahead of going on sale from July 12th. Will be sold in 250 retail stores across 21 countries.

All the research has been done in partnership with the University of Manchester, one of the leaders in graphene technologies.

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