JetForce, the jet engine powered avalanche safety system

Since a few years now, airbags-type safety systems for backcountry skiing and snowboarding are the big thing of the winter. What was once only reserved to élite athletes is now slowly finding its way to the more mainstream market.

Black Diamond this year have teamed up with PIEPS, a leader in digital avalanche transceivers, to make the JetForce. The Jet in the name comes from the way the pack inflates the airbag: a Jet fan. Unlike gas-based avalanche safety systems, the JetForce uses batteries to power its jet-fan. The 200L airbag inflates in 3.5 seconds and can be deployed up to four times per charge. The benefits? The JetForce backpack is air-travel friendly!


The team also developed a proprietary fabric that is tear-resistant and easy to repack as well as a self-diagnosis system on start-up to check if everything looks good to go.

Launching in Fall 2014, JetForce will be available in three packs from Black Diamond (Pilot 11L, Halo 28L and Saga 40L cargo vol-ume), two packs from PIEPS (Tour Rider 24L and Tour Pro 34L cargo volume) and one pack from POC (Thorax 11L).

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