KEEN.CNX, low profile and lightweight, coming SS13

KEEN is already preparing its Spring/Summer 2013 products and showing of some of the gear. KEEN.CNX is the name of this new range of footwear that will be very light and playful.

Built on the same base, a low profile PU midsole with a 4mm heel-toe offset for a more natural posture the CNX will have a classic KEEN fit with metatarsal ridge, contoured arch, secured heel and underfoot structure.

The simple uppers will insure a great fit while keeping the weight down, announced at 10 oz (280g) or below, depending on the style you choose: Waterfront, Multi-sport, Casual and Kids.

Waterfront will feature two models: the Clearwater CNX, a hybrid sandal with washable polyester upper and rubber toe-cap and the Cascade CNX, another sandal with non-stretch upper and synthetic lining.

Clearwater CNX

In Multi-sport we’ll see the Tunari CNX for men and the Haven CNX for women, both for day hikes and scrambles with grippy outsoles and the same lightweight construction.

Tunari and Haven styles

And for the day to day adventure and the kids KEEN also has a few styles up its sleeve, with uppers like leather, breathable mesh, suede and more.