Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz review

[note]The Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz was sent to us by the great guys at Blackleaf.com for the purpose of this review. We try our best to not let this affect our views in any ways. Our gear tests are done in real life, during our own outdoor activities.[/note]

The bottled-water business has exploded in the last decades. With some estimates putting the volume of consumed bottles at 200 billion worldwide, it is an obvious target for environmental associations. We could play our part by using less disposable bottles and bring reusables to the gym, the mountain or the crag.


The Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz is one such reusable bottle and it’s a good looking one. All stainless steel, with a brushed finish, the Klean Kanteen Wide makes a very strong first impression. Plastic bottles like Nalgene or Camelbak look like toys next to this monolith.

Steel also has one big upside compared to plastic: it does not retain taste and odor nearly as much. The downside being that plastic is better at insulating the liquid. Both plastic and metal have great resistance and can handle a fair amount of abuse. Steel is slightly more resilient but will tend to get marks and dents while plastic will not.

Being 100% metal the Klean Kanteen is naturally BPA free as well as Phthalate and lead free.

klean-kanteen-wide-27oz-topThis version of the Klean Kanteen features a wide mouth opening which makes it easy to refill, use with water filters or stuff with ice cubes. Some people will also prefer it for hydration because you can take more water in while other will say it’s easier to spill. That really is down to preferences. I personally like the wide opening and haven’t had any problems with it. Its 2.125” (54mm) diameter makes it smaller than the standard Nalgene opening and is ideal in most situations.


The Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz weights 238g on my scale. If every gram counts you are probably better off with Platypus or Nalgene bottles but otherwise I have no problem recommending it.

The Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz default cap comes with a built-in ring to attach the bottle to your pack. I generally have a carabiner hold the bottle to my backpack on my way to the crag. The cap is made of plastic with steel on the inside facing parts. It looks as indestructible as the rest of the bottle.

I’ve dropped the Klean Kanteen Wide 27oz from various heights and apart from looking battered it still holds liquide safely. No leakage to report either when holding it upside down or sideways.

There is nothing I dislike about this bottle. It is heavier than the plastic or aluminum competitors but I definitely prefer the feeling of steel. What I would recommend for hiker is to get at least the 40oz (1182ml) version. 27oz (800ml) isn’t much, good for the gym, the office. Not good for a day hike except if you know where to refill and bring a water filter.