Klymit is now making a hammock sleeping pad called Hammock V

After the Double V sleeping pad for adventurous couples, Klymit is making another niche sleeping pad. The Hammock V is for the hanging crowd.

In cold weather it is often necessary to add bottom insulation to a hammock. Traditional rectangular sleeping pads are not the best suited due to the shape of the sleeping area and a popular option has been to use an underquilt. There is also the option to add some wings to a pad to prevent it from rolling hover.

Klymit decided to step in and provide a dedicated option, in the form of the Hammock V. Using Klymit’s popular V-chamber construction, the Hammock V is like a Static V with wings.


The brand also says there are non-slip zone on the top and bottom to stabilise the pad in the hammock and you on it. At 27 oz / 765 g, the Hammock V is ok in terms of weight. It will set you back around $149 though. Stay tuned for our review of the Klymit Insulated Static V.

More info at klymit.com