Kniper, the ultimate survival tool?

If you plan to roam mother nature this summer, you must already know the importance of packing a knife. But if the knife is one of the most universal and well-rounded tools, Kniper could be its ultimate and most versatile expression.

Although the Swiss Knife is a classic, a tool carved out of a single metal piece has its advantages. Compared to a traditional multi-tool, the Kniper offers a better handling and overall solidity thanks to its single piece of 420 high-carbon stainless steal. It guarantees a very good resistance to corrosion, meanwhile it’s flashy color makes it easier to handle in dark places.

features-allConceived as a throwing knife, the intelligent design of Kniper offers 22 different functions. 2 screwdrivers (flathead and phillips), a fork, a prybar, a nail remover, a bottle and can opener, an universal hex hole, lashing straps, a range finder, a ruler…. and, last but not least, a tobacco pipe! An interesting approach to survival.


Dimensions: 13 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches (33 x 6.35 x 14cm)

Price: $145