Light My Fire 8-piece Mealkit 2.0 review

Sometimes a bit of extra weight can gain you a lot of comfort. You could eat your meals directly out of the pot or you could bring a plate or a bowl and make the experience more civilised. If you go for the second option then the Light My Fire Mealkit 2.0 could be the perfect mess kit for your trip.

We took the Light My Fire 8-piece Mealkit 2.0 on a few climbing-camping adventures to assess the usefulness of such accessories when weight is not the main concern. Pasta was involved, risotto, tea and beer and some snacks along the way. Each piece of the meal kit was used in various ways and we came out with a positive impression of the gear.


The Light My Fire 8-piece Mealkit 2.0 consists of the following: lid/plate and bowl/plate make up the big triangle box, inside fit a 550ml foldable cup, a small triangular SnapBox and a SnapBox Oval, both with waterproof lids, a strainer/chopping board and a Spork. The whole set is neatly kept together by a harness.

The Light My Fire Mealkit 2.0 is BPA free, packs in at a size of 194x194x61mm and weights 362g on my scale, less than the advertised 384g.

There isn’t much to say about the plate and bowl parts. They work as intended. You obviously can’t put them over a fire, and they will let liquids spill. The two smaller waterproof boxes are very good at keeping dry food. In general we would only need one, either as a small bowl or container. They will not hold liquids completely without spilling but they will protect what is inside. When you pack the Light My Fire 8-piece Mealkit 2.0, the expandable cup is meant to go into the smaller box so you’ll have to keep it empty anyway.

Talking about the cup, it is very practical with its sipper lid and graduations on the inside. Perfect for a hot brew at the end of a long day sending routes. The strainer/chopping board works as you would expect. Straining pastas was not the easiest of tasks but we managed and they were delicious.


Finishing with the well known Spork, a cross between a spoon and a fork. It is made of Tritan and can be used with hot food and drinks.

The whole Mealkit uses colour coding for the lids so they are easy to find. Other nice details, all the pieces of the Light My Fire Mealkit 2.0 are dishwasher and Microwave safe and they float.


To sum it up, we liked the Light My Fire 8-piece Mealkit 2.0. It packs small, is reasonably light and gives you a good flexibility. You can take only a few of the pieces to keep the weight down, the cup and the spork being the most useful. Sometimes, having a plate and a fork in hand make that camping meal all the more enjoyable.