Lily, the cute intelligent drone camera that follows your outdoor adventures

Now that everyone’s got an action camera to share their adventures with the world, standing out from the swarm of GoPro-shot videos is getting increasingly difficult. But what was before reserved to professionals, smooth over-head shots and the like, is getting accessible thanks to drones.

And here comes Lily. This cute – it has smiling eyes – and powerful drone has everything you’ll need to take incredible shots of yourself while out and about. It’s not the first of its kind obviously but the specs are getting decent: 1080p videos at 60fps, 720p 120fps for slow-mo, 12M pixels stills. Lily is also waterproof (rated IP67) and can fly to up to 25Mph (40km/h) with at a max distance of 50ft above (15m) and 100ft around (30m).

Battery will only last 20min but this is unfortunately quite normal for drones. Lily will track your every moves thanks to a beacon you’ll wear on you. The tracking device and the drone have GPSs and other sensors, meaning you could bring the data in post processing and have some cool video overlays. The beacon also serves as a remote for tacking stills with the Lily.


This is probably the most complete outdoor focused drone we’ve seen so far and if Lily turns out to be as good as in the video then I think they are on to something big. Pre-order price, until June 15th, is $499 then $1000. Estimated shipping date: February 2016.

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