Make your favorite fleece water-repellent with Nikwax Polar Proof

During ISPO last week in Munich, Nikwax introduced their improved Polar Proof treatment for fleece apparels. Debuting on the market this September, the new Polar Proof will ‘revolutionise’ the fleece market.

Fleece loses some of its warmth when wet and can absorb a lot of water making it heavier. Treating it with Polar Proof from Nikwax could in theory limit this effects. After washing your favorite fleece with Polar Proof it will become water-repellent and more durable said the waterproofing and cleaning company.

This is an exciting development for Nikwax. Every household has at least one fleece. Our new product will ensure that all those fleeces perform better. If you get caught in the rain a fleece treated with Polar Proof will keep you warm and dry. If you’re using a fleece as an insulating mid layer underneath a waterproof jacket, then Polar Proof will maintain its insulation and breathability. Your fleece will perform better allowing sweat to escape and you will feel more comfortable. We no longer need to worry about being caught in the rain without a coat

Said Nikwax founder Nick Brown.

One 50ml sachet of Nikwax Polar Proof, sold for £1.49, should be able to treat one fleece. If you have an aging fleece and want to prolong its life and maybe make it even better, this seems to be a cheap option.