Merino will disappear very quickly

Behind this very ambiguous title is a fact that Merino manufacturers like Icebreaker are not trying to hide: Merino degrade very quickly.

More and more outdoor enthusiasts are concerned about the impact of the gear they use on the environment. The smart manufacturers out there understand this and are ready to show you why their product is better. Icebreaker shot a video recently to show how quickly Merino garment degrades compared to the synthetic equivalent.

The test consisted of burying one of the brand’s baselayer (150g/m²) and a polyester knit fabric and dig them up after 9 month to see the result. Of course merino wins but it is quite astonishing to see what is left of the shirt. Barely the stitching and the labels.

The polyester fabric did not change one bit in that time and would probably need thousands of years to return to mother earth.

Do you look at how green a brand or a product is before buying?