Motorola updates tough Android phone, shows the Defy plus

Motorola’s first rugged phone made quite a name for itself. The Defy was tough, good looking and running Google’s popular OS, Android. Naturally when you have a formula that sells, you use it more than once and the Defy + looks to be a good improvement on the original recipe.

Keeping in line with his older brother, the Defy + comes with the same Gorilla Glass screen, dust proof, water proof and shock proof case but with beefier internals.

The processor has been bumped to 1Ghz and use the latest version of Android, 2.3.4 with Motorola’s own MotoBlur skin. The battery is also improved a bit to a 1700 mAh. The design does not seem to have changed, which is good if you are not looking for a phone that looks like a tank.

Rest of the specs are farly standard: 3.7″ screen, GPS, wifi, bluetooth, 5Mp camera and 2Gb of internal storage.

If you are in the market for a rugged Android handset then this one should be out this fall.