NEMO release Baffled Self-Inflating Air Pad

NEMO Equipment’s New Baffled Self-Inflating Air Pad is an industry first.

The New Nemo Flyer showcases a new hybrid technology that combines an air pad with a self-inflating foam camping mat, to produce the World’s first Baffled Self-Inflating Air Pad.

Comfort, Security, Weight

If you’re chosen adventure is through hiking, these are the variables you have to consider when choosing your camping mat.

Invariably, you improve one factor while losing out on another.

Speaking from personal experience, while you don’t want to be lugging a futon along with you, adding a few extra 100g to your pack for the sake of better sleep can be a very worthwhile compromise.

With their latest offering, NEMO hope to make the decision easier for you, by improving both comfort and security, while maintain a respectably low weight (and pack size).

Baffled Self-Inflating Air Pad

Hybrid Technology Cuts Weight by 60%

Air pads offer fantastic comfort at a low weight, but there’s always that fear of a failure, especially if you’re on a long trip far from civilisation (yes, we’ve been there sleeping on a punctured mat for a week…).

Foam pads offer more security, but at the cost of increased weight.

Nemo have taken a foam pad, and hollowed it out using 3D sculpting technology to produce horizontal air filled baffles.

This reduces the weight by 60%, increase comfort, but also means the mat still provides some comfort even if something goes wrong and it loses its airtight seal.

Baffled Self-Inflating Air Pad

We’re Not Baffled by This One

Having spent some seriously uncomfortable nights on the trial due to either skimping too much on weight, or suffering from punctures and valve failures, this new hybrid certainly seems an interesting option.

640g, though not ultralight, isn’t heavy by any means, and the mat packs down nicely so doesn’t occupy too much space in the backpack.

I’d certainly give this mat a try on my next multiday adventure.

NEMO Flyer Baffled Self-Inflating Air Pad Vital Statistics (Regular)

  • Minimum Weight 640g
  • Packed Weight 660g
  • Packed Size 25 x 17cm diameter
  • Climate Three-Season
  • R-Value 3.3
  • Thickness 5cm
  • Dimensions 183 x 51 x 5 cm

The mat comes with a puncture repair kit and lifetime warranty.

The NEMO Flyer is available now from €159.99