New Bivy Stick is Lightest SatCom Device Ever

New Bivy Stick is Lightest SatCom Device Ever

The latest offering from Bivy Stick looks like the lightest SatCom device commercially available.

Losing mobile connection when you get deep into the wilderness is a feature, not a bug. It provides an opportunity to properly disconnect – no more emails, whatsapps, or update. No temptation to go on social media or check the news channels for some doomscrolling.

But it can have its downsides. If you’ve seen 127 Hours, you know what we’re talking about…

The solution is some kind of SatCom AKA Satellite Communication Device. These devices (thankfully) won’t let you check your newsfeed or shop black friday deals, but they could save your life.

4 Reasons to carry a SatCom Device

Carrying a SatCom device on your outdoor adventure means that even without mobile network you’ll be able to:

  • >Send and SOS to local rescue teams
  • >Share your live location with authorities/friends
  • >Get weather reports anywhere any time
  • >Send messages from any location where you can see the sky

What does Bivy Stick have to offer?

The above are four pretty convincing reasons! So why doesn’t everyone carry a SatCom device?

Probably because traditionally they’ve been large, heavy and very expensive.

It looks like Bivy Stick are looking to change this status quo, with the lightest SatCom device on the market, at a pretty reasonable price for the device, plus some affordable tariffs for its use.

The Bivy Stick features:

  • >100g weight – probably less than your phone
  • >Send texts and emails
  • >Unlimited predefined messages for free
  • >Location sharing and tracking
  • >SOS Service by Global Rescue
  • >Data plans from $17.99 PAYG no contract/monthly fee
Lightest SatCom Device

The Bivy Stick Tech Spec

Made for serious expeditions, the Bivy Stick is waterproof and shock resistant, with an active battery life of 120 hours, rechargable with your mobile phones USB-C.

In addition to the emergency features, you can also use the Bivy Stick as a GPS device, you can add unlimited maps and routes.

You also get unlimited messaging with other Bivy Stick users, and can set up location sharing with family and friends back home so they can follow your journey.

The latest Bivy Stick is available now from €349.