New Fujifilm outdoor camera, FinePix XP30

Fujifilm just annouced the soon to be released FinePix XP30, successor of the XP10 in the outdoor camera range.

The XP30 boast similar specs than its older brother but add a GPS to the package an become quite a fantastic outdoor tool for the enthusiast adrenaline photographer.

The features read like a wish list:

  • waterproof 5 metres, for heavy rain, underwater photography or just to wash the mud out of it.
  • Shockproof up to 1.5 metres, that’s about the height of you sat on your bike isn’t it?
  • Dust and sand proof, always handy for beach captures and all round adventure
  • Freezproof, perfect for cold weather and high walks
  • HD movies in 720p at 30 frames/s

The addition of the GPS module allow for auto geotagging of your shots and can also tell you the name of the location if it’s in his database. Plus you can use it as a GPS logger and the software included will sync pictures and logs to create Google maps with the path and pictures taken along. Pretty neat feature.

Full press release here.