New Primus Eta Lite personal stove

Swedish stove manufacturer Primus steps it up with the brand new LPG stove Eta Lite. With the Laminar Flow Burner (LFB) technology (patent pending), Primus was able to lower the burner’s height significantly, which results in a lower centre of gravity and therefore improved stability.

Personal stoves are getting more and more popular: they are fast and easy to handle, are extremely packable and work in windy conditions. Swedish stove pioneer Primus has put all its 120 years of expertise finding the perfect solution. With its new Laminar Flow Burner (LFB) technology Primus once again sets the benchmark: with this construction the height of the system could be reduced by 20%. The fuel-oxygen-mix is ‘redirected’ on the way to the burner: instead of running vertically up, it takes a horizontal detour around a baffle. This results in the height of the burner of just 5.5 centimetres.

In addition, the Eta Lite also uses a brand new Triangle Joint bayonet coupling. The pot is attached or detached with a simple and safe twist & click.

The Eta Lite is the youngest and smallest stove in the fuel-saving Eta range, but still has a 78% fuel efficiency on paper. The Eta Lite comes with 1500 watts output.

The Eta Lite also comes with a hard-anodized aluminium 0.5 litre pot with a cover made from felt and an integrated hanging device. The lid of the pot also works as a mug, so you don’t have to drink from the pot. An integrated piezo-igniter lights the stove with a simple click. There is also an optional Eta Lite set with a coffee press. The new stove will be available from Spring 2014.

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