New SmartWool socks get stronger the more you wear them

SmartWool, the merino wool specialist, will update its range of PhD socks with a new collection called Performance. Coming this fall, those new stronger socks should bring better performance and durability compared to their predecessors.

After a 4 years development and testing process, outdoors and in labs, SmartWool claim they have created a new construction called Reliawool. There isn’t much information yet on the patent pending technology. All we know is that placed on critical areas like heel and toe considerably reduces wear as it gets stronger the more you wear it. So much so that after running a cross-country marathon a day for four months the socks didn’t show any signs of deterioration.

The other update is the 4 Degree Elite Fit System which, thanks to four elastic bands, should comfortably wrap the foot and provide support in the needed areas. The SmartWool PhD Performance collection will be available this fall in various colours and fit, for men and women. Prices range between £13.99 and £21.99.


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