New Tilley T1 Wool – A Winter Version of the Classic Bucket Hat

Iconic outdoor hat maker Tilley have launched a new woolen version of the classic Bucket Hat for the winter season – The Tilley T1 Wool.

The T1 Wool has the same distinctive form as the Iconic Tilley Bucket Hat, but upgraded for Winter. Instead of the classic cotton, Tilley have combined wool with a waterproof yet breathable liner.

Classic Bucket Hat now in Wool
Tilley T1 Classic Bucket Hat now in Wool

The wool is Swiss-made Schoeller® technical wool taken from genetically engineered android sheep (just joking). Schoeller also make the technical fabric that forms the liner – The C-Change Membrane.

At higher temperatures or during sports activities, the polymer structure of the c_change® membrane opens in response to the correspondingly intense moisture development. Excess heat and moisture can escape to the outside air. In the cold, or at times of low activity, the membrane remains closed. As a result of the lower moisture development, the polymer structure contracts and keeps the heat close to the body.

Shoeller, Switzerland

Sounds good! With most winter hats I find myself constantly having to take them on and off in order to regulate temperature. Could this combination be the solution?

Like their classic bucket hats, the T1 Wool is available in a variety of colours – Olive, Grey Herringbone & Charcoal. The hats have UPF 50+ so you don’t get caught out by that sneaky winter sun, and sport the infamous ‘secret’ pocket on the inside for stashing small essentials…

The original Tilley is one of our favourites. The brim is big enough to protect you from the sun and snow, but without blocking your view or catching the wind. We can’t wait to put this new winter version to the test!