Osprey to premier new Airscape backpanel innovation in Spring 2021

Osprey to premier new Airscape backpanel innovation in Spring 2021

Osprey, one of our favourite manufacturers of “innovative carry solutions” (aka backpacks to you and me) has yet another upgrade planned for 2021 with the release of their Airscape backpanel innovation.

The airscape backpanel has been a feature of Osprey’s packs for sometime, with the airflow that they create helping make them some of the most comfortable packs on the market.

Always looking to improve, Co-Founder Mike Pfotenhauer has been tinkering away in the Osprey AlphaLab to further refine the technology.

Airscape backpanel innovation

Improved Performance

The latest iteration of the Airscape uses an injection-molded frame sheet with die cut foam. This ensures a comfortable and breathable fit with flexibility for dynamic movement.

Rather than using one fixed design for all packs, the new Airscape range will vary depending on the intended use of the pack.

Packs designed for heavy loads such as the Aether/Ariel series feature vertical planes to prevent buckling under heavy loads. Lightweight packs will have horizontal channels to allow flex in the vertical plane while staying flat horizontally.

The new production technique also has the added bonus of reducing plastic waste, helping Osprey to meet their sustainability goals.

Airscape backpanel innovation

New Airscape Backpanel available in Spring Range

The new Airscape backpanel debuts with the Spring 2021 Aether/Ariel series available now, and the Spring 2021 Talon/Tempest series available February 2021.

The Aether and Ariel packs are made with sustainable / recycled materials and feature Osprey’s “Anti Gravity” suspension system as well as the Airscape Backpanel innovation.

The Talon / Tempest are back pack classics. You can check out our full review of the previous version of the Talon/Tempest series here.

Osprey Ambassador Nimsdai Purja completes First Winter Summit of K2

Osprey also made the news this week as one of their sponsored athletes just carried one of their packs up to the summit of K2 in winter, as part of the first ever team to do so!

With air temperatures down to -65, we don’t think that the new Airscape cooling system was the deciding factor, but it’s still a testament to the functionality and durability of the packs.

You can read more about the K2 winter expedition and its challenges on the Osprey blog.