Osprey’s new travel backpacks for fall 2015

When it comes to backpacks, Osprey is definitely a key player. The Californian Company is back with a range of new items for backpackers and outdoor adventurers alike. For seasoned travelers, the Ozone series is Osprey’s best argument. The keyword here is lightweight, the biggest of the series (the Ozone 80) weighing only 5 lbs (2.25kg), a useful quality to bring it on a plane! Without forgetting that the entire series feature a handle for more comfort.

ozoneThe Shuttle series is not designed for hikers nor climbers, but is ideal for travelling long distances and packing a lot of stuff with its StraightJacket compression. The sturdiness of the Shuttle series is guaranteed thanks to their ABS polymer, and their capacity is over the top. Keep in mind that we are talking about fairly heavy products, with the biggest Shuttle (the 130) weighing 8.8lbs (4.1kg).shuttleThis year, the Californian brand will also be providing backpacks for an everyday use. The Flap Jack series feature a good design and ventilation for an everyday use. Two models are available: the Flap Jack Pack and the Flap Jack Courrier. Last but not least, the Axis 18 is a versatile backpack, suitable for outdoor excursions as well as for the urban jungle.