Patagonia gets into the food business, starts selling salmon jerky

For an apparel company to start producing food you might think something strange happened. But Patagonia’s gear is not like any other brand and it looks like their food is going to follow the same path.

They seem to be consistently trying to minimize their environmental impact, by using organic or recycled materials, by insuring their suppliers are also running responsible businesses or by reaching out to their customer with the Common Thread Initiative. Back in 1996 Patagonia was leading the industry and switching to 100% organically produced cotton. Now they want to lead the salmon-fishing industry by branching out and creating Patagonia Provisions.

What they are going to sell are three different flavours of salmon jerky. The salmon used is not going to be any salmon either, only selectively harvested, river-caught sockeye salmon from sustainable wild stocks. Salmon is a great snack for the trail, full of proteins and low in fat, smoked for taste and conservation. You will have the choice between: Black pepper, Teriyaki and Chilli pepper.

If you like the idea, check out the dedicated page on their website for more info and videos.

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