Patagonia Merino Baselayers: quality fabrics from polyester and Patagonian wool

If you plan to go on an expedition in a cold area, wearing an efficient base layer is of the utmost importance. The Patagonia brand just announced their brand new base layers : the Capilene, Merino and Merino Air Baselayers.

From now on, the manufacturer will offer 3 different fabrics for their base layers. The Capilene Baselayer (made from recycled polyester), the Merino Baselayer and the Merino Air Baiselayer (a blend of patagonian wool and Capilene fiber). The 18.9 micron merino wool aims at offering a mix of warmth and breathability, while having some interesting details (like the thumb loops).

patagonia merino baslayer
Designed for both men and women and made with a computerized knitting machine (guaranteeing a minimum waste in the process), the Patagonia products fit very well and are ideal for outdoor expeditions. The manufacturer from Southern California insists on the sustainability of their product : all their Merino base layers use sustainable wool from Patagonia.

Even though the green and blue flashy colors of the Merino Air fabrics might not appeal to everyone, Patagonia Baselayers will most likely be lightweight, top-notch gear. The only downside it that you might have to wait until this autumn to use them !

Price : $129 (£83, €117)

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