PeakHunter iPhone app let you log the peak you just climbed

Outdoor geeks rejoice, a new app for iPhone will let you use your favourite gadget as a summit log book and record all your summited peaks. The app is dubbed PeakHunter and is supported by the Switzerland based manufacturer Mammut.

After you have downloaded the app and created an account you can log GPS coordinates, altitude and time of a peak by pressing the log button. This will synchronize with you online account and post your achievement online.

You can also add a few pics, a comment and share it on social media. Some peaks are already present in the database but you can also create new entries if you are climbing something that is no there.

PeakHunter is only available for iPhone at the moment but the way it is written on their website would have us believe it will also be ported to other platforms. The application is free but if you find it useful why not make a Paypal donation?

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