Preview: Columbia’s Spring Summer 2013 collection

I’ve just come back from a Press Event here in Barcelona where Columbia showed us their new gear collection for Spring Summer 2013. The highlight of course is the new Omni-Freeze Zero.

It’s been covered in other publications before but it’s the first time we can have a look ourselves and try this new Omni-Freeze Zero. The tiny blue rings integrated in the fabric produce a cooling sensation when put in contact with water or sweat. It sounds a bit crazy but it actually works and you can feel the cool sensation straight away.

Omni-Freeze Zero will be declined in various tops for men and women. The Coolest Cool t-shirt, which also includes Omni-Wick areas to disperse excess of sweat and Omni-Shade, the solar protection rated UPF 40. Its anti-microbial treatment should also help keep it smelling fresh. It will be available in short sleeves and sleeve-less.

Another interesting top is the Freeze Degree short sleeve polo with Omni-Freeze Zero as well as Omni-Wick EVAP which we tried in the Ultrachange jacket earlier this year.

You will also find Omni-Freeze Zero on your feet with the new version of their draining shoes. Dubbed PowerDrain Cool, it’s basically a PowerDrain with integrated Omni-Freeze Zero fabric to keep you cool when running.

They will also release a new model of DrainMaker, the Drain Maker II.

Going back to EVAP, they have two new jackets worth mentioning. First, the Trail Drier Windbreaker jacket, a trail running lightweight jacket that also features Omni-Shield, a DWR finish to keep water at bay in the event of a short shower. It can compress very small and fits in its chest pocket. Announced weight is 167g.

The other jacket we were very impressed with: the Compounder II Shell and its waterproof-breathable Omni-Dry membrane with Omni-Wick EVAP printed on it. This new version is looking very good with nice colours and a great fit. It has a helmet compatible hood and weight a not too heavy 411g.

Some great gear coming out next year from Columbia. We will hopefully get some of the kit to review and let you know if it lives up to its hype.