Radinn’s crazy electric wakeboard in an insane video teaser

Personal electronic transportation is fast becoming a huge industry. While a few years hago there wasn’t much apart from Segways, today is full of electric longboards and other unicycles. The Radinn Wakejet Cruise however, is something else entirely.

Wakeboarding is cool but it suffers from a major drawback. You need to convince someone to man the boat and get bored doing circles while you have fun. The upside of course is the waves created by the boat, but lets forget that for a moment.

What if you could wakeboard with just the power of the board. No kite, no boat, no wing. And now make that silent and using only electricity. Boom, that’s Radinn Wakejet Cruise. The power to go anywhere on water whenever you want.

You control the Wakejet Cruise with a wireless hand-controller. The carbon fiber and kevlar board weights less than 29Kg with batteries and can last up to 30min at the full speed of 25 knots or up to 60min in mixed riding. All the parts and custom made in Sweden, to maximise quality and efficiency.


How much you say? Well, somewhere around 15000€ but you can’t order one just now, their order book is full until further notice.

Radinn’s website: http://www.radinn.com/wakejet-cruise

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