Review: The Asgard Project DVD

If you’ve not heard about it before you must have been leaving inside for far too long. The Asgard Project was one of the best adventure movie this year. When you combine the Talent of climber Leo Houlding with the skills of film maker Alastair Lee you get something special.

This adventure packed movie take place in Greenland, where one of the hardest wall in the world awaits. The mount Asgard is a 4000 feet tall vertical slab of rock, first successfully climbed in 1953 by J. Weber, J. Marmet, and H. Röthlisberger. If the name doesn’t ring a bell you might still know it from the opening of “The spy who loved me” where James Bond performs a base jump from the top.

But back to the movie. Leo and his pals where looking for some crazy adventure (again) and they sure seem to have found it. The film starts with the preparation and training session in various places to get everyone up to speed in terms of big walls as well as test the kit for the journey.

From Riglos in Spain to Yosemite in USA, you’ll see the crew training and gaining confidence in climbing but also base jumping and fly suiting. Crazy footage included.

Then comes the real part, the “piece de resistance”, Mount Asgard and its incredible silhouette. But I’ll let the teaser do the talking:

The adventure film festival season is more or less over but you can still catch a glimpse of wild adventure in the DVD. Available for £19,90 from Posing Production, it comes with great extras like insights into the adventure (including how to poo from a cliff) and a great rock-chess game between the two guys stayed at base camp.

Wrap up

This is not your average documentary. The movie is shot like a block buster with cool music and intense action. If you like adventure and climbing, or nice views and cool gear, this DVD is for you. An awesome Christmas gift. Just sayin’…