Review: Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport

The barefoot and minimalist running trend has brought some really interesting products in the past few years. The well known Vibram FiveFingers, regarded as very good barefoot training shoes, have been declined in many variations from the original model.

Today we are looking at one of the latest addition to the range: the KSO TrekSport.

Derived from the KSO, the TrekSport share with it a lot of features. Like their sisters, they wrap your feet up to under the ankle to make sure dust and gravels stay outside. They also have the same strap to keep your foot secured in.

The upper fabric is made out of coconut fibre for resistance and breathability. It makes for a very light upper but will let water in so not ideal for cold or rainy conditions.

The outsole is what really set the TrekSport apart from the normal KSOs. It’s a 4mm thick Vibram Performance rubber with added grip for better traction on slippery terrains. This was one of the down side of the original FiveFingers design, the outsole was too slick to offer good grip on wet surface and the TrekSport is set to change that.

Wearing the Vibram TrekSport is like wearing another pair of Fivefingers: very light, flexibility and near barefoot sensations. The new outsole is slightly thicker than the classic incarnation but the added grip is proving very effective and welcome. Using them just for walking around is a pleasure and they are also perfect for trail running and general outdoor activities.

In hot weather and even with the special coconut fiber upper, they still get pretty warm and don’t let your feet breath as much as the Classics. I would say they are perfect for Spring/Autumn, maybe summer if you don’t live somewhere too hot. Also, but this a personal comment, I can’t wear them without socks. The inner sole is just not that comfortable and tend to get sticky. Some people don’t seem to have that problem though.

The TrekSport come in four different colours: Black, Grey, Red/Black and Green/Black and in sizes ranging from 36 to 46. Be sure to measure your feet if you order online and look at the size conversion chart to find the right size for you.

At around £110 / $170 they are not what you call cheap, but if you are set to buy a pair of FiveFingers and have some money to spare then the added grip is worth it. Now if you have even more money you can also look into the Trek, which have a kangaroo lather upper, much more resistant to scratches and inclement weather.

Wrap Up

The Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport are a nice pair of barefoot runners, well built, good to wear outside and inside. The added grip is worth the extra money from the normal KSOs. It’s a shame all FF are still so expensive.

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