Saucony Release New Trail Running Collection

Saucony Release New Trail Running Collection

Performance running shoe brand Saucony have just announced the release of a new Peregrine 11 trail running shoe collection.

Named after the Peregrine Falcon, these shoes are geared towards top off road performance under a variety of conditions. There are 3 variations within the range, all of which use Saucony’s patented PWRTRAC™ rubber lugs and PWRRUN™ cushioning.

With new runners and more traditional road runners taking to the trails in record numbers, the award-winning Peregrine is a trustworthy companion that excels in all that matters: traction, cushioning and durability

Katie Pyle, product line manager for Saucony Trail

Peregrine Pedigree

This latest generation of the Peregrine line aims to further establish Saucony as a serious competitor in the trail running category.

All three models in the range feature:

  • Aggressive lugs made of PWRTRAC tacky rubber
    For control and grip on a wide range of surfaces
  • PWRRUN midsole cushioning
    For long hard runs on uneven terrain
  • A protective rock plate
    To prevent injury from sharp rocks and trail debris

The shoe is designed with a 4mm offset to give a natural minimalist feel and maximise proprioception when out on technical routes.

Saucony Release New Trail Running Collection

Peregrine 11 Classic

The flagship model features a new, protective upper that uses a durable ultralight top layer to protect feet from trail debris.

The PWRTRAC lugs, PWRRUN midsole and rock plate combination should make the shoe a good all rounder, from dusty rocky trails, to muddy paths and forests.

Peregrine 11 ST

ST = Soft Terrain. This variant on the classic Peregrine features deeper lugs to handle sloppy, muddy conditions.

In addition to being longer, the treads are also more spaced out to facilitate shedding caked mud from underfoot.

The debris resistant mesh is printed with 3D overlays for extra protection and is finished with a tight mesh shield over the tongue to keep that mud from getting in between your toes!

Peregrine 11 GTX

This is the waterproof version of the Peregrine 11. Otherwise identical to the classic model, the GTX adds a GORE-TEX upper to keep your feet warm and dry in rain, sleet and snow, yet still allowing them to breath when the sun comes out again.

New Saucony Trail Collection Available February 2021

The new Peregrine 11 range is due for release in the US in February 2021.

They’ll be available in US men’s sizes 7-13 and 14, and women’s sizes 5-12. Peregrine 11 is $120.00; the Peregrine 11 ST is $130.00; and the Peregrine 11 GTX is $150.00.

European sizes, prices and release dates TBC.