Sea to Summit set to enter backpacking tent market

Sea to Summit have just announced that they will be adding a pair of lightweight backpacking tents to their outdoor gear range for the Spring ’21 season.

The new range will start with two models, the Alto and the Telos which will be available for purchase early in the new year.

These new backcountry tents are the fruition of 3 years of R&D in collaboration with lightweight tentpole manufacturer DAC.

Tension Ridge Technology

The new Sea to Summit lightweight tent range promise to deliver more space and better ventilation thanks to an innovative new pole system – Tension Ridge Technology.

The poles bend upwards towards the edges of the tent, the opposite to normal tent poles.

This not only allows easier entry and exit to the tent, but also better ventilation, thus helping avoid the classic problem of condensation.

Versatile Set Ups

In addition to increased space and better ventilation, both models also feature some great options for versatility.

The outer, for example has 3 positions – “star friendly”, partially open, and closed.

There is also a “Hangout Mode”, where the outer can be used on its own, in combination with a pair of hiking poles, to create a temporary shelter against sun or wind during the day for cooking or simply chilling out.

The Details

The Alto will be available in 1p and 2p versions, from $399, with a weight from around 1kg (1p).

The Telos is larger, in 2p or 3p version, starting from $499 with a weight from 1.5kg (2p).

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