The Alpine Hammock project, now on Kickstarter

Hammocks are cool, comfortable, lightweight, fun. Bivy sacks are too. Now if you could have both in one piece of gear, wouldn’t that be awesome? Meet Ryan’s and Mike’s Alipne Hammock.

Those guys are experienced outdoors men. They climb, run, hike and they used their experience to build a hammock that doubles as a bivy sack. The Alpine Hammock as they call it seems to be the best of both worlds. The sack itself is made of waterproof nylon. It has a built-it bug net and a waterproof-breathable Gore-Tex rain flap, so whatever nature throws at you, you should still have a good night’s sleep.

And because you can either tie it between two trees or use it directly on the ground, it makes for a very versatile shelter. It’s also very light at 1.4lbs/650g.

Now to see this product on the shelves soon Ryan and Mike need some money. They created a campaign on Kickstarter to help with that. The project has 50 hours left to get the missing $8000 so if you like their idea give them a hand and pledge something.