The Polaroid IE090, an affordable and “summer-proof” camera

When it comes to taking pictures during outdoor activities, reliability is a must. Formerly renowned for the instantaneous pictures its cameras used to take, Polaroid seems to be recently shifting towards producing outdoor, affordable cameras.

The Polaroid 18 MP Waterproof Digital Camera is certainly worth a look, thanks to its price and features. Being dustproof, waterproof, shockproof and foodproof, you will certainly have a hard time breaking it even during the most reckless activities. Dive up to 3 meters, drop it in the sand or in a puddle of mud: the IE090 should withstand most of your summer activities.

With its 18 megapixel resolution and a 4x digital zoom, the camera offers some decent features. Especially given its 86$ price. A solid choice for summer!

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