Forget about selfie sticks, shoot your selfies with a drone

Selfies have reached new heights. Thanks to the ROAM-e, a flying selfie device, you’ll be able to shoot selfies in style.

Don’t you think that selfie sticks are the most ridiculous thing to use to take photos nowadays? If you’re a selfie addict and don’t want to make a fool of yourself using a selfie stick, we might have found its best alternative: the ROAM-e. It’s way more expensive, but way better too!

The ROAM-e is a compact, light, and easy to carry drone equipped with a 360º 1080p HD camera, facial recognition, and live streaming capabilities. How does it work? You control it through a mobile application that connects to the ROAM-e. The drone follows you through smart facial recognition, so it keeps sight of your face, and you just have to let it fly on its own while it captures uninterrupted 360 shots. Moreover, the ROAM-e can stream it all over a WiFi connection.


Concerning the flight range, the ROAM-e allows you to choose from four flight modes including scout, navigation and pilot of up to 25m. You can therefore imagine the tons of possibilities that this drone offers to take incredible pics and videos. In selfie mode, the flight range is up to 3m.

The ROAM-e can stay in the air for up to 20 minutes before it runs out of battery. To get it fully charged, it’s quite fast and it takes around 2 hours.

A good thing about the ROAM-e is that it features dual-axis collapsible blades, so it doesn’t take too much space and it is easy to carry around.

If you’re ready to throw your selfie stick in the trash and to spend $399 on this really nice toy, it’s available now on But be patient, because it takes up to 12 weeks to deliver the product.


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